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Why focus on values-based scholarly communication?

As scholars move towards adopting a values-based approach to scholarship, they face challenges in finding publishing opportunities that suit. Scholarly communication, including publication in books and journals, plays an important role in an individual scholar’s career progression. Publishing models that support career progression and also include an explicitly values-based approach to scholarly communication are therefore required to support scholars who are conducting values-based public scholarship. 

How might we ensure that scholarly communication practices enable the publication of works that embody the values that underpin engaged scholarship? Engagement requires working with diverse publics to design, progress, and deliver research, teaching, and programming. With notable inputs from across humanities and the humanistic social sciences, scholars and publishers are developing ways to capture all the parts of the work being done, the multiple partners and perspectives, and the diverse audiences the work welcomes.

In this OER we turn to the HuMetricsHSS initiative and its Values Sorter to examine the values motivating publicly engaged scholarly projects in the humanities and humanistic social sciences and build publishing solutions based in those values.

This OER was supported by a grant from the Scholarly Communication Notebook.

Last updated 2023-04-21.