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Example: SNCC Digital Gateway

The SNCC Digital Gateway: Learn from the Past, Organize for the Future, Make Democracy Work is a collaborative project of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Legacy Project, Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies, and Duke University Libraries. This documentary website tells the story of how young activists in SNCC united with local people in the Deep South to build a grassroots movement for change that empowered the Black community and transformed the nation.

“SNCC organizers themselves shaped the vision and framework of the SNCC Digital Gateway website. They worked collaboratively with historians of the Movement, archivists, and students to weave together grassroots stories, digitized primary source materials held at repositories across the country, and new multi-media productions to bring this history to life for a new generation.”



The SNCC Digital Gateway project centered collaboration among the members of the organization and historians, librarians, and students to preserve SNCC’s historical legacy in promoting voting rights. The SNCC Legacy Project’s members became Visiting Activist Scholars at Duke University and guided the project’s conceptualization and design.

Strengthening and Promoting Democracy

The aim of preserving and memorializing the history of SNCC’s voting rights activism, including critical reflections by the organizers on their experience building grassroots democracy, is to “activate people to have a say in their own lives at the local and national levels.”


The multimedia website was designed and created by the Duke Center for Documentary Studies and the Duke University Library; it is hosted by Duke University. There is no statement about peer review.

The primary, archival resources linked to on the website come from many institutions, which retain copyright in them. Works attributed to a named author belong to that person, who has licensed it to the SNCC Gateway under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. Works with no attribution belong to the SNCC Legacy Project and have been licensed on the same basis as the attributed works. For more information, see the Citation and Copyright Policy on the SNCC Gateway.

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