Why focus on values-based scholarly communication?

University-based librarians have important roles to play in publicly engaged research.

The Role of Librarians

As professionals focused on the broad circulation of knowledge, librarians can help scholars think through what it means to produce research in service to the public, rather than solely disciplinary, aims.

  • Providing resources for scholarly research
  • Supporting public outreach/connecting scholars and broader audiences
  • Providing resources for non-traditional modes of publication
  • Planning and supplying resources for long-term preservation
  • Knowledge of platforms and distribution methods

The Benefits

Supporting publicly engaged scholarship projects can provide librarians with a range of opportunities that align well with an institution’s mission. Publishing collaborations between librarians, scholars and their partners also address issues of social concern and can lead to breakthroughs in the way in which scholarly communication is consumed and shared.

As a library student, you can expect to be involved in:

  • Diverse and innovative forms of scholarly knowledge production
  • Career progression within and beyond the library
  • Civic good and social justice projects
  • Engaging broad audiences beyond the academy
  • Connecting scholarly and public conversations on pressing problems

Enacted Values

with scholars and the public

ensuring the work is available to all

Public Good
advancing knowledge and telling community stories

Publishing and the Public Humanities