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About our process

What did we do?

As publicly engaged scholarship is as much about process as it is about outcomes, we too are sharing with you some of the considerations and actions that we have taken in the course of compiling this OER.

Our process has been wholly collaborative and supportive.

From the initial application to the intention to use the Atkinson Hyperlegible font created by the Braille Institute for increased readability, and building the Resource in WordPress using the open-source Wabi theme, we have remained true to the core values that inspired us from the HuMetricsHSS framework: openness, collegiality, soundness:

  • Openness – learning throughout the process where each other’s strengths are located and building up our individual and collective strengths by sharing ideas, feelings and abilities.
  • Collegiality – exercising radical generosity in supporting each other through the process; respecting each other’s needs and embedding a caring curatorial approach to the work of others.
  • Soundness – creating an original product that champions publicly engaged scholarship; framed to advance the understanding and recognition of the work done by scholar and project partner.

These values underpin this OER.

This OER was supported by a grant from the Scholarly Communication Notebook.

Last updated 2023-04-21.