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Section 3

Examples of Public Scholarship

In Section 1, we introduced the NHA’s Humanities for All database, a rich online resource of publicly engaged scholarship. Some of the examples that follow are indexed in that resource and you can find many more there to explore.

Here, we briefly analyze four publicly engaged projects with an eye to their values and the publications they produced. These examples are designed to help you understand the choices the participants made, and the way publications reflect project values.

We also provide links to three interviews. Two are with scholars whose voices you’ve already encountered in this OER: Jennifer Brier and Matt Wizinsky, the project leads for I’m Still Surviving, and Dave Tell, a rhetoric scholar who works with the Emmett Till Memorial Commission on the Emmett Till Memory Project. The third interview is with Teresa Mangum and Anne Valk, the editors of the Humanities and Public Life book series. In these interviews, scholars who are deeply committed to publicly engaged humanities work discuss the challenges and joys of this kind of work.

This OER was supported by a grant from the Scholarly Communication Notebook.

Last updated 2023-04-21.