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Section 6

HuMetricsHSS Values-Based Scholarly Practice

Introducing the HuMetricsHSS Values Framework

HuMetricsHSS (Humane Metrics in the Humanities and Social Sciences) was established to assist scholars and scholarly organizations in establishing a values-based approach to guide all kinds of scholarly processes through workshops and interactive tools. 

The HuMetricsHSS initiative seeks to help organizations, groups, and individuals explore their own values and create values-based frameworks to guide their scholarly work and to engage others in negotiating and navigating values in conflict. The goal is not to apply the HuMetricsHSS values framework to your work, but to establish your own values framework from which to approach scholarly processes. 

By using values-based activities, groups and individuals can think through ways in which their values can be applied to various scholarly processes, from editing a journal to creating an exhibit or digital project. The HuMetricsHSS Workshop Kit provides exercises that include process analysis and values card sorting, and the Values Sorter allows users to surface questions to ask themselves and advice on how to approach a number of scholarly processes. 

Introducing the HuMetricsHSS Values Sorter

The HuMetricsHSS Values Sorter is a self-assessment tool for everyone who wishes to engage in embedding values in their scholarly practices. The app is intended as a facilitation tool for anyone who wishes to experiment with a values-based approach to scholarly practices. You can use the HuMetricsHSS library anonymously, sign up to create and share your own library, or become a contributor and submit advice to be added to the public collection. 

The values sorter is based on the process created by the HuMetricsHSS team and highlights six common scholarly activities and five values. Explore by choosing one or more activities and values to find questions to ask yourself and additional advice. Information on how to sign up and use the sorter can be found on theĀ HuMetricsHSS website.

Section 6 Summary: What have you learned?

  • The HuMetricsHSS framework offers a method for assisting publicly engaged project partners in thinking through ways to apply their values to their work
  • The HuMetricsHSS values sorter facilitates experimenting with a values-based approach

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