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Section 2-1

Deciding on the medium, format, or platform

Scholarly work is typically published in one of two forms: an article in a scholarly journal or as a book–often called a monograph–produced by a specialized press. These formats primarily circulate within specialist communities and are crucial to demonstrating scholars’ contribution to their discipline and thus to success in their career. But these conventional publications may not be easily accessible or appealing for the community partners in a publicly engaged project. 

The multivocal, collaborative nature of publicly engaged work also poses challenges for linear, author-driven, print-based publications. Exhibits, performances, community archives, and other participatory, visual, and collective activities may be more appealing and effective ways of “making public” the work of a publicly engaged project. 

Digital publication offers another range of options, allowing the combination of audiovisual and textual elements in both linear and nonlinear story lines. Access to and paths through such resources can be shaped by community values and address multiple distinct audiences.

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